Friday, April 23, 2021

The Paths Around Panoramic Way-In Reverse


Difficulty:  Easy, with some steep paths and roads

Time: ½ hour

Start on Bancroft  Way and Piedmont Ave.   Cross Piedmont and head 1 block east on Bancroft Way to Waring  St.  Take Bancroft Steps uphill to Bancroft Way and  Prospect St.  

Bancroft Steps

Continue up Bancroft Way to Panoramic Way and turn right and go to  Lower Orchard Lane on the left.  

Start of Lower Orchard Lane

Wall in Middle of Lower Orchard Lane

Take it uphill to a wall structure and go around it to continue uphill on Lower Orchard Lane.  

Continuation of Lower Orchard Lane

When you get to Panoramic Way make a left and then a sharp right to continue on Panoramic Way.  Shortly you come to Upper Orchard Lane on the left.  

Start of Upper Orchard Lane

View from Top of Upper Orchard lane

Take it uphill to Arden Rd and turn left.  When  you get to Arden Steps on the left, take it downhill to Mosswood Rd and turn left.  

Arden Steps

After a short way you come to Mosswood Lane on the right.  

Mosswood Lane

Take it downhill back to Lower Orchard Lane .  Continue down on Lower Orchard Lane back to Panoramic Way.  Turn right and go back to Bancroft Way.  When you get to Bancroft Steps, take it downhill to Bancroft Way and continue on to the starting point at Piedmont Ave.

To take this hike in the reverse direction go here.