Sunday, October 3, 2021

Ohlone Greenway Loop

Difficulty: Easy

Time:  1 ¼ Hour

The Ohlone Greenway is a long trail that runs for several miles from Berkeley through Albany and El Cerrito.  This hike covers a small part of it in Berkeley and Albany.  Start at Cedar St and Ohlone Greenway by the Cedar Rose Park. 

Cedar Rose park

Go east on Cedar to Sacramento St and turn left.  In a few feet you come to Keoncrest Path on the left.  

Keoncrest Path

Take it Keoncrest Dr and turn right.  When you get to Rose St, turn left and follow it back to Ohlone Greenway.   

Ohlone Greenway 1

Turn right and continue north.  When you get to Hopkins St and Peralta Ave, follow Peralta for a few feet where Ohlone Greenway continues. 

Ohlone Greenway 2

The trail follows along the raised BART tracks.  

Ohlone Greenway 3

Continue for several blocks, past Gilman St, until you reach Marin Ave.  Turn right on Marin and go for about 9 blocks until you reach Ventura Ave.  Turn right on Ventura and continue past Sonoma Ave until you come to Manor Way on the right.  

Manor Way 1

Take it to Ordway St, cross Ordway and continue on Manor Way to Peralta Ave and turn left.  

Manor Way 2

Follow Peralta to Gilman St and turn right.  When you get back to Ohlone Greenway, turn left and continue back to the starting point at Cedar St.