Saturday, June 11, 2022

Paths Connecting Cragmont and Keith Aves

Difficulty: Moderate, several up and down paths and roads

Time: 1 hour

Start at Hilldale Ave and Marin Ave.   Go south on Hilldale to Poppy Lane and turn left.  When you reach Pinnacle Path on the right, take it downhill to Regal Rd and turn left.  

Pinnacle path

When you get to Cragmont Ave turn left.  In a short way you get to Sterling Path on the left. 

Sterling Path

Take it uphill (148 steps) to Keeler Ave and turn right.  Take Keeler past Bret Harte Rd and Twain Ave.  When you reach Upper Covert Path on then right, take it downhill (about 160 steps) back to Cragmont.  

Upper Covert Path

Continue downhill on Lower Covert Path (145 steps) to Keith and turn right.  

Lower Covert Path

In a short distance you reach Martinez Path on the right.  Take it uphill (95 steps) back to Cragmont Ave and turn left.  

Martinez Path

When you reach Upper El Mirador Path on the left take it downhill (129 steps) back to Keith and turn right.  

Upper El Mirador Path

When Keith reaches Euclid Ave, turn right.  When you reach Marin Ave, go uphill back to the starting point at Hilldale Ave.