Sunday, September 13, 2020

South on Hilldale from Marin (shorter)

Difficulty: Hard, many up and down paths and streets

Time: 1 hour

Starting at Marin Ave and Hilldale Ave,  head south on Hilldale.  Turn left on Poppy Lane and take it to Remillard Park (note passing Pinnacle Path on the left).  Next take Poppy Path uphill (about 180 steps) to Miller Ave and turn right.   

Poppy Path

When you get to Ina Coolbrith Path on the left, named for California's first poet laureate, take it uphill (about 85 steps) to Grizzly Peak Blvd and turn right.

Ina Coolbrith Path

Ina Coolbrith Plaque

When you get to Stevenson Ave,  turn right and immediately come to Anne Brower Path.

Anne Brower Path

Take it downhill (about 80 steps) back to Miller and turn left.   When you get to Stevenson Path, take it downhill (about 145 steps) to Sterling Ave and turn left (note passing Lower Stevenson Path on the right).

Stevenson Path

When you get to Shasta Path, take it uphill (about 150 steps) to Miller and turn right.  

Shasta Path

When you get to Tilden Path on left, take it uphill (about 135 steps) to Grizzly Peak and turn left.  

Tilden Path

When you get to Stoddard Path, take it downhill (about 85 steps) back to Miller and turn right.  

Stoddard Path

Take Miller past Poppy Path on the left and continue to the end at Poppy Lane.  Take it back to Hilldale, turn right and follow Hilldale back to the starting point at Marin.